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B’more for Healthy Babies

Healthy moms raise healthy babies

We provide high-quality women’s health services in the form of medical care, emotional support and education to women before, during and after pregnancy

In 2009, Baltimore City had one of the worst rates of infants dying before their first birthday. Many babies died from unsafe sleep conditions. Many died from being born too soon. And others died from being underweight at birth. B’more for Healthy Babies is an initiative from the Mayor’s office and is led by the Baltimore City Health Department and the Family League. They aim to help prevent infant deaths and promote better family health.

Baltimore Medical System is the lead agency for the Patterson Park North & East community of the B’more for Healthy Babies initiative. We represent one of two funded communities chosen at the beginning of the program. We also coordinate the efforts of nine agencies that serve families in the Patterson Park area.

Healthy babies and healthy moms

We help women before, during and after pregnancy. See our many programs, below.

B’more Fit For Babies

This program is for women who have a BMI over 25 and a child under the age of 5. To join you must be female. You must be between the ages of 18 and 44. You must live in Baltimore City. And you must receive public assistance (including WIC, SNAP, TCA). Learn more.

Safe Sleep

In 2018, there were 13 babies who died while sleeping in Baltimore City. Though 2019 has just begun, there are already 3 sleep-related infant deaths this year. Of these deaths, 6 alone have occurred in the last 6 weeks. B’more for Healthy Babies needs your help to save our babies’ lives.

Do you or someone you know need a crib? Learn more about the free portable crib program.

Nurse-Family Partnership

On government assistance? We do at-home nurse visits for first-time moms. Learn more.

Community Breastfeeding Support

Join other breastfeeding moms and learn how to nurse your baby. This program is free. Learn more.

Family Planning/Birth Control

Need help getting pregnant? Need access to birth control? We help with all reproductive needs. It does not matter how old you are, if you are male or female or if you are married or single. We will help you. We also provide free or discounted birth control to those who qualify. Learn more.

Baby Basics and Moms Clubs

If you receive prenatal care here, you will get the Baby Basics care guide. This colorful book provides information on how to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Baby Basics also has group meetings known as “Moms Clubs.” Moms meet for six weeks to learn more about healthy pregnancy and share their experiences.