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Our Unique Programs Help Us Serve You Better

Group of People

Healthcare for the whole community

We have programs for everyone. Parents, kids, seniors, students, immigrants and anyone else who needs affordable care.

International health screening

We provide care to refugees and immigrants. You don’t need to speak English to meet with a doctor. We can also help you make care more affordable. Learn more about our Refugee Health Screening Program.

School-based health centers

We are a partner in your child’s health. We provide a wide range of services at schools in Baltimore. We do sports physicals, check-ups and health education. We also treat common illnesses. Learn more about our School-based Health Centers.

Healthy babies and healthy moms

We help women before, during and after pregnancy. See our many programs, below.

B’more Fit For Healthy Babies

This program is for women who have a BMI over 25 and a child under the age of 5. To join you must be female. You must be between the ages of 18 and 44. You must live in Baltimore city. And you must receive public assistance (including WIC, SNAP, TCA). Learn more.

Nurse-Family Partnership

This is a free program where we can help moms during pregnancy and after birth. We can help you have a healthy pregnancy and teach you about child development. And we support you in achieving your life goals.  Learn more.

Community Breastfeeding Support

Join other breastfeeding moms and learn how to nurse your baby. This program is free. Learn more.

Family Planning/Birth Control

Need help getting pregnant or access to birth control? We can help with all reproductive needs. It does not matter how old you are, if you are male or female or if you are married or single. We can help you. We also provide free or discounted birth control for those who qualify. Learn more about our Family Planning Program.

Find Resources In Your Community

Our Health Center Locations

  • Belair-Edison

    3120 Erdman Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland 21213
    (410) 558-4800
    Fax: (410) 276-4067

  • East Baltimore Medical Center

    1000 E. Eager Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    (410) 522-9800

  • Highlandtown

    3700 Fleet Street, Ste. 200
    Baltimore, Maryland 21224
    (410) 558-4900
    Fax: (410) 522-1475

  • Middlesex

    1245 Eastern Boulevard
    Baltimore, Maryland 21221
    (410) 558-4700
    Fax: (410) 675-8947

  • Pine Heights

    1001 Pine Heights Avenue, Suite 100
    Baltimore, Maryland 21229
    Fax: 443-703-3207

  • Saint Agnes

    900 S. Caton Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland 21229
    Parking Lot B
    (443) 703-3200
    Fax: 443-703-3207

  • AbsoluteCare Inc.

    1040 Park Ave Ste 200
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201



  • AbsoluteCARE of MD2, LLC

    7501 Greenway Center Dr Ste 600
    Greenbelt, Maryland 20770