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Confidential, Convenient HIV & Hepatitis C Prevention & Care Services

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Do You Know Your HIV or HEP C Status?

Understanding the Program

The HIV & Hepatitis C Prevention & Care Program is offered through the Baltimore Medical System (BMS) as a confidential and trustworthy resource for BMS patients to receive the HIV and Hepatitis C (HEP C) prevention and/or care services needed to ensure a healthy, well-informed lifestyle. Patients receive these services in one of our convenient primary care settings, allowing them the privacy and comfort of keeping their health information between them and their team of doctors.

Quality HIV & HEP C Care When You Need It Most

Receiving an HIV or HEP C diagnosis doesn’t have to be shameful or scary. In fact, it’s best to get tested if you think there’s a possibility you have either virus because early detection and proper treatment are the keys to living a healthy life.

If you are living with HIV or HEP C, or need to be tested, we’re here to provide stress-free care, educational resources, and access to our team of qualified providers.

Services Include

  • Confidential, full-service HEP C and HIV testing
  • Primary care setting for privacy and peace of mind
  • Full-service, up-to-date HEP C and HIV treatment
  • Appointments with a HEP C specialty provider
  • Behavioral health and social services available
  • On-site community health workers and navigation services to assist with resource barriers
  • Access to a pharmacist specifically trained and experienced in HEP C and HIV
  • HIV prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) available

HIV Prevention at BMS

In addition to treatment and testing, BMS offers appointments for HIV prevention services – offering patients Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis(PrEP) or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), healthy sex materials (condoms, lube, etc.), and access to an HIV-experienced pharmacist.

How can I prevent the spread of HIV?

What is PrEP? PrEP is a daily medication that will reduce the chances of you getting HIV.

What is PEP? PEP is a medication that (if taken as prescribed) will reduce the chances of you getting HIV after you are exposed.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Patients can access all HIV and HEP C services by contacting the
BMS HIV Prevention Team


Program Locations

3120 Erdman Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21213

East Baltimore Medical Center
1000 E. Eager Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

3700 Fleet Street
Ste. 200
Baltimore, MD 21224

9520 Philadelphia Road
Rosedale, MD 21237

Saint Agnes
900 S. Caton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229

BMS at Yard 56
5525 Eastern Avenue, Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21224