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Ian Cook, HIV Clinical Director at Intra-Jurisdictional Ending the HIV Epidemic / Fast Track Cities Alignment Workshop

September 5, 2023 / Liz Kaylor

On Thursday, July 27, 2023, Baltimore Medical System’s HIV Clinical Director, Ian Cook, had the privilege of participating in a significant event that brought together leaders from the Baltimore HIV community. This event, the Intra-Jurisdictional Ending the HIV Epidemic / Fast Track Cities Alignment Workshop. It was a pivotal day for our city, as it marked a crucial step in our collective efforts to combat the HIV epidemic.

The workshop saw a remarkable gathering of individuals who are dedicated to the cause, including healthcare leaders, public health officials, Mayor Brandon Scott, and patients who have felt the impact of HIV firsthand. Among the highlights of the day was Mayor Scott’s signing of the Fast Track Cities Paris Declaration, signifying Baltimore’s commitment to the global initiative’s goals aimed at ending the HIV epidemic.

Following this momentous signing ceremony, the workshop transitioned into an engaging session where various pressing issues affecting individuals living with HIV were explored in depth. It was a dynamic platform for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and brainstorming solutions that could pave the way for a brighter future in the fight against HIV.

Cook Stated, “One particularly important discussion I had the privilege to participate in was centered around the theme, “Implementing HIV Status Neutrality in Practice.” I shared the panel with distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions to our community’s efforts. These included the Executive Director of the Pride Center and the EHE (Ending the HIV Epidemic) Director of the Maryland Department of Health.”

In his role as a panel member, he had the opportunity to shed light on how the concept of status neutrality is being implemented in primary care settings, particularly within the framework of the Baltimore Medical System (BMS). It’s a concept that is crucial to ensuring that individuals receive equal care and support, irrespective of their HIV status. By promoting status neutrality, we aim to eliminate discrimination, stigma, and disparities that have plagued HIV care for far too long.

One of the key initiatives discussed during the workshop was BMS’s commitment to expanding HIV testing within our centers. This is a pivotal step toward early detection, which can lead to timely intervention and better health outcomes for those affected by HIV. By increasing access to testing, we hope to identify cases earlier in their progression and connect individuals with the appropriate care and resources they need.

In conclusion, the Intra-Jurisdictional Ending the HIV Epidemic / Fast Track Cities Alignment Workshop was an essential gathering that showcased the dedication and unity of Baltimore’s HIV community. Mayor Brandon Scott’s commitment to the Fast Track Cities Paris Declaration signifies a strong step toward our shared goal of ending the HIV epidemic. Cook stated, “I am proud to have contributed to the discussion on implementing HIV status neutrality in practice and to have shared BMS’s commitment to expanding HIV testing. Together, we are taking significant strides in our mission to combat HIV and provide equitable care to all individuals in our community.”