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Pregnancy FAQs

  • +I am a few months pregnant but have not seen a doctor yet. What should I do?

    Call today to make a prenatal appointment: 410-732-8800 or click here. Early prenatal care is very important to making sure you and your baby are healthy. Baltimore Medical System has OB/Gyn services at many of our health centers.

  • +I don't have health insurance. Aren't prenatal appointments and sonograms expensive?

    There are state programs that can help pregnant women. Our health benefits advisors will be happy to help you apply. If you do not qualify for public benefits, Baltimore Medical System has a discount program for patients and works with American Radiology Services and the Johns Hopkins Laboratory for lab tests and sonograms.

  • +What about when my baby is born? How do I get insurance for my baby?

    A Baltimore Medical System Health Benefits Advisor will help you through this process.

  • +Can Baltimore Medical System help me find a doctor for my baby?

    Yes. Baltimore Medical System has pediatricians at many of our health centers. We encourage all expecting parents to select a pediatrician before their baby is born. You should schedule your baby’s first appointment before you go to the hospital to deliver.