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Scarlett Watson

Baltimore Medical System patient Scarlett Watson.

A lifelong patient

Scarlett Watson has been a Baltimore Medical System patient for 30 years. Ever since her first visit she has loved the care we provide. Today, she has great relationships with her doctors.

Dr. Ursula McClymont, has made a big impact on Scarlett’s life. Scarlett was having trouble losing weight. Her blood pressure was dangerously high. Dr. McClymont helped Scarlett lose weight and get healthy. She gave Scarlett nutrition coaching and a plan for healthy weight loss. She gave her workouts to do, and taught her how much to eat during a meal.

“My doctors and I have built a bond. We have a great doctor-patient relationship.”

Scarlett Watson

Thanks to the relationship she and Dr. McClymont have built over the years, Scarlett trusts her doctor. She changed her eating habits and she gets up and moving everyday. Since Dr. McClymont began helping Scarlett, she has lost over 50 pounds. Her blood pressure is now a healthy 140 over 70!