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Sara Midgett

Baltimore Medical System patient Sara Midgett a breast cancer and ovarian cancer survivor.

At the age of 74, Sara Midgett enjoys an active lifestyle despite a long battle with cancer and chronic diseases.

Sara Midgett has been coming to BMS at Orleans Square for the past eight years. She is a friendly, familiar face to the staff and physicians. She is always greeted with a warm smile and has a close relationship with her medical team. She enjoys shopping, cooking, and walking around her neighborhood in East Baltimore.

Sara is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor. After her battle with ovarian cancer, she was reluctant to have an annual mammogram. Her longstanding physician, Dr. Ursula McClymont continued to recommend and educate the importance of preventative screenings. Sara agreed and the screening was positive for breast cancer. The news was difficult, but she was grateful for Dr. McClymont’s persistence so she could begin the cancer treatment at an earlier, more treatable stage of diagnosis.

Sara has been challenged by trying to control her diabetes and hypertension. She was plagued by chronic back and knee pain. Through a team-based approach, her diabetes and hypertension are now well-controlled. Through appropriate pain management, Sara was able to return to the job she loves as a school bus aide.

Thanks to Dr. McClymont and her healthcare team, Sara enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle. At the age of 74, her quality of life has significantly improved allowing her to fully participate in the activities she enjoys. She has learned to self-manage and control her chronic conditions. Sara and her medical team work closely together to ensure she completes her annual preventative screenings and practices healthy living to maintain an independent and full life.