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Isabella Johnson

Baltimore Medical Systems patient Isabella Johnson.

Isabella Johnson had high blood pressure. But her doctors weren’t helping. She was always seen by a different doctor at each visit. And her doctors hadn’t requested blood work in over a year. So she went to Baltimore Medical System.

At the Middlesex center, Isabella had a doctor who cared about her overall health. Dr. Dahlia Reid took time to understand Isabella’s past. She learned that Isabella had been depressed since she was a teenager. She also learned that Isabella had started taking meds for that depression as part of her mental health support services plan. Some meds for depression can increase blood pressure.

Dr. Reid wanted to get Isabella’s blood pressure to a safe level. She talked to Isabella’s counselor. Together, they found the right amount of depression medications and high blood pressure medications for Isabella to take.

“Dr. Reid told me that she had my back, and she did,” Isabella said. “At first I saw her every week as we tried different medications and dosages, and within a couple of months my blood pressure was well into the safe range. When Dr. Reid looked at my chart she couldn’t believe it.”

Today, Isabella’s blood pressure is around 110 over 70. She takes her blood pressure twice a day at home. She continues to see a counselor. She’s grateful that Baltimore Medical System helped her get healthy.