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From asthma attacks to happy and healthy

Two-year-old Cruz Mu had many asthma attacks. He was in the hospital a lot. His mother brought him to Baltimore Medical System to get care in their native language — Burmese.

Asthma medicine didn’t work. So the team went to Cruz’s house. Baltimore Medical System and the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative found mold in the house. There also was not a lot of airflow. These factors were impacting Cruz’s asthma. The family was given natural cleaning products and carbon monoxide detectors. Since then, Cruz has not had a single asthma attack or hospital visit.

“Since we found Baltimore Medical System my son is not that sick anymore. No more emergency room visits. Now we get to spend more time together as a healthy family.”

Hjawn Mu (Cruz Mu’s mother)

Baltimore Medical System also helped Cruz in other ways. He was having trouble speaking. He also had food allergies and was underweight. Baltimore Medical System sent Cruz to a lung doctor, a speech therapist and an allergist. Today, Cruz speaks well, he can eat most foods and he weighs a healthy 24 pounds!

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