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You can get your prescriptions delivered

delivery service driver and customer

We deliver prescriptions to our patients’ homes or jobs

We know how hard it can be to get to the pharmacy. We are here to help! We provide free prescription delivery for our patients.

We can deliver your prescription to your home or your work, Monday through Friday. You can ask your doctor to call in or e-prescribe a new prescription to the Baltimore Medical System pharmacy of your choice. You can use the pharmacy of your choice. Call the pharmacy most convenient to you. For any questions about your medication, call the pharmacy where you placed the order (see phone numbers below).

Pharmacy locations

We deliver to many ZIP codes in and around Baltimore City. Check the list below to see if we deliver to your area. Please call the pharmacy to find out about our limited delivery in the ZIP codes marked with an asterisk (*).


(443) 703-3680

21221*, 21222*, 21224, 21205, 21206, 21213, 21231


(443) 703-3683

21218*, 21239*, 21214, 21224, 21213, 21206, 21205, 21231

At Saint Agnes

(443) 703-3185

21215*, 21228, 21229, 21207, 21227, 21223, 21225*, 21230