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East Baltimore Medical Center Pharmacy

East Baltimore Medical Center (EBMC), a trusted community healthcare center.

Rite Aid at EBMC is closed.

If you need medicine during this time, you can get it from our Yard 56 pharmacy. It is located at 5525 Eastern Ave., Suite 104, Baltimore, MD 21224.

If you have any questions or need help to move your medicine to this pharmacy, you can call our pharmacy team at 443-703-3450.

Prescription Delivery Available to the following zip codes: 21201, 21202, 21205, 21213, 21218, 21224 (Limited), 21231


When will the Rite Aid at EBMC be closing?

Rite Aid will close July 8, 2024.

Where are my prescriptions being sent once Rite Aid closes?

Prescriptions will be sent to CVS at 934 N. Charles Street.

Will a new pharmacy be opening?

BMS will open our EBMC pharmacy this fall at East Baltimore Medical Center.

How can I refill my medication at a new pharmacy?

Refills can be requested in many ways including MyChart refill request, MyChart message, during in-person/virtual appointment visit with provider, the nurse triage line (get number), or stopping by EBMC in person.

Where can I refill my prescriptions?

BMS’s Yard 56 Pharmacy is a convenient place to refill your prescriptions. However, you can refill your prescriptions at any pharmacy in the area.

Where is the BMS Yard 56 Pharmacy located?

5525 Eastern Avenue, Suite 104, Baltimore, MD 21224.

What are the services offered by the BMS Pharmacy?

  • Traditional Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Free Delivery to Home and Office (Zip codes found here)
  • Medication Counseling
  • Pharmacy Assistance Programs

I have a different question, where can I call?

We are happy to assist you. Please call us at 443-703-3450.