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High Quality Care for Everyone

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It’s how we make a difference


“I joined Baltimore Medical System in 1992 as a temporary employee and was hired full-time in 1994. I think what I am most proud of is being able to implement new ideas and to bring a positive outlook each day to our patients and to other staff members. We strive to build a team and a family-like atmosphere where we can take better care of our patients and continuously educate them on how they can take better care of themselves.”

Vanessa Keyser, Center Administrative Assistant


“One thing that is different about Baltimore Medical System is that it is a healthcare provider that really looks after the patient to provide the highest quality of total care. I have had many patients that I have spent over an hour with after their visit to make sure that they understand their condition and treatment plan. I convey to them that we do not just diagnose a problem and send them out the door. We really want to help our patients stay healthy — and no one else provides such a comprehensive service to their primary care patients. My main reward is having patients come up to me or call me and thank me for taking extra time with them. I have patients that tell me that they would not have known what to do if I hadn’t given them that extra help. Those moments make me realize why I have stayed with Baltimore Medical System for 29 years.”

Ellen Rosenberg, Registered Nurse


“Healthcare should be equal, and Baltimore Medical System makes sure there is no separation between quality of care and whether or not a person has insurance. I began my career at Baltimore Medical System as a Medical Assistant in 1990. With the help of the tuition assistance program, I earned my LPN diploma in 1995 and my RN degree in 2003. I have a strong passion for community health and feel this is where I’m supposed to be. It is important to me to do what I can to help the community, not just as an employee but as a resident of Northeast Baltimore. We are here for everyone.”



“I started in April 1993 as a medical assistant, then became a referral coordinator and learned about billing while doing referrals. I moved to the central office 16 years ago as a billing specialist, and now I’m a lead in the insurance and billing department. With the opportunities for promotion, I have never felt stuck in my job. What has been most rewarding for me is knowing that I am helping people feel better by assisting them in applying for insurance and for Medicaid if they are eligible. For many years I was an OB/GYN biller and I helped expectant moms get the insurance they needed. Many of them were considered ‘high risk.’ Baltimore Medical System cared for them closely during their pregnancies and I know that made a difference.”

Daneen Peters