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BMS at Orleans Square Closing May, 29, 2020

March 17, 2020 / Baltimore Medical System Staff



Based on our facility improvement assessment, the Orleans Square center no longer provides an efficient clinic space that matches the high quality healthcare services being delivered at Orleans Square and all our health centers today. Our focus during this transition is on service to our patients and the placement of the dedicated staff at Orleans Square within other BMS locations.

Question: When is Orleans Square and the pharmacy closing?

Answer: Friday, May 29, 2020 is the last day for appointments and the pharmacy.

Question: Can I still see the same provider?

Answer: Yes, the providers at Orleans Square are moving to other BMS locations.

• Linda Rainey, MD is going to Belair Edison, 3120 Erdman Avenue
• Erin Hunter, C.R.N.P. is going to St. Agnes, 900 S. Caton Avenue
• Rashida Nesbit, NP, FP is going to Middlesex, 1245 Eastern Boulevard

Question: How do I schedule an appointment?

Answer: To schedule an appointment with your current provider, please call 443-703-3600. To schedule an appointment at another location, please call 410-558-4747 and ask to be transferred to Orleans Square staff who will assist you.

Question: Where do I get my prescriptions filled?

Answer: BMS has three on-site pharmacies located at Highlandtown, Saint Agnes and Belair-Edison and we also offer free prescription delivery. Call 443-703-3600 to get your prescription filled. BMS also contracts with local Walgreens pharmacies where you can have your prescriptions filled. Please visit for all Walgreens locations.

Question: Where can I get my Substance Use Disorder services?

Answer: Substance Use Disorder services are currently being offered at our Highlandtown location.

Question: Where are your other centers and pharmacies located?

• Highlandtown: 3700 Fleet Street, Suite 200** | Belair-Edison: 3120 Erdman Avenue**
• Middlesex: 1245 Eastern Boulevard | Saint Agnes: 900 South Caton Avenue**
• Pine Heights: 1001 Pine Heights Avenue, Suite 100

** BMS Centers also have on-site pharmacy services

Question: Is Baltimore Medical System opening a new center?

Answer: In the spring of 2021, BMS will open a new health center at Yard 56, 5601 Eastern Avenue across from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus. This health center will be located 2.5 miles from Orleans Square and provide additional services and an on-site pharmacy.