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BMS 40th Anniversary Event

July 9, 2024 / Liz Kaylor

An enchanting evening awaits as we gather to celebrate the fabulous 40 years of Baltimore Medical System’s unwavering dedication to our community. Join us as we immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of reflection and gratitude, honoring the profound impact of four decades of compassionate healthcare provision.

Throughout the evening, we will embark on a journey through time, recounting the countless lives touched and transformed by our steadfast commitment to service. From humble beginnings to impactful milestones, we will celebrate the remarkable achievements made possible by the collective effort of our dedicated team, steadfast partners, and generous supporters.

It’s a time to pay tribute to the tireless dedication, unwavering perseverance, and boundless compassion that have been the cornerstone of our success. Together, we’ll raise a toast to the countless stories of healing, hope, and resilience that have defined our journey thus far.

So, join us as we come together in celebration of 40 years of Baltimore Medical System’s profound legacy of care, compassion, and community. Let’s honor the past, celebrate the present, and ignite a future filled with continued impact and service to those in need.

The Lofts at Yard 56 | 560 Bayview Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21224 | 6 PM

If you’d like to sponsor this event, please contact Niki Elliott at