International Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Patients from other countries often ask us:


  • A friend of mine is an immigrant and does not have legal documents. dIs it safe for them to come to Baltimore Medical System?


Yes. Baltimore Medical System does not share patient information with immigration authorities. Your friend does not have to worry. He or she can come to Baltimore Medical System and receive the health care they need.


  • I want to refer a patient who does not speak English. How will he communicate with his doctor?


Baltimore Medical System employs trained medical interpreters. Our interpreters speak Spanish, French, Somali, Burmese, Swahili and Arabic. If you speak another language not listed, our staff can use a phone system for an interpreter.


  • I am new to the United States. Can Baltimore Medical System help me find housing, transportation, a job or other services?


Our Health Benefits Advisors can help you find additional health care services. We will be happy to refer you to other community groups if you have other needs.


  • When I come to the doctor, will the paperwork be in English?


Many of our forms are available in English and Spanish. If you need a different language, a staff member will help you. Health education information is available in many languages.