Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make an appointment at Baltimore Medical System?

Call (410) 558-4900 to talk to a member of our call center staff. Or get more information about medical appointments by clicking here


  • Do you offer a sliding fee scale for patients without insurance?

Yes. A Health Benefit Advisor from Baltimore Medical System can determine whether you qualify for a sliding fee discount. We can also help you apply for other free or low cost programs that may make your family's health services more affordable. Get more information about sliding fee discounts.


  • I think I may be pregnant. How soon can I be seen?


Please call us right away. You and you baby will both benefit from starting prenatal care as early as possible. Call (410) 558-4900


Depending on where you live and whether you have been seen at Baltimore Medical System before, we will let you know if our obstetrics staff can see you. In some cases, we may refer you to another health provider. Get more information on pregnancy care.

  • Does Baltimore Medical System have services for people who speak Spanish?


Yes, many of our staff speak Spanish (as well as other languages). Get more information in Spanish.



  • I am from another country. I don't speak English or Spanish. Can you help me?



Yes. Our International Services department can help. Get information about services for people from other countries.

  • Do you provide special services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing?


Yes. Get more information on our Deaf Services program pageIf you still have questions after reading, or if your question is not related to making an appointment, please call us at (410) 732-8800. Our receptionist can help you find the right person to talk to.