Deaf Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Deaf and hard of hearing patients often ask:


  •  I don't have health insurance.  Can I come to BMS?


Yes. Baltimore Medical System sees patients who have many different insurances, or no insurance at all. Our Deaf Services Program can help you apply for benefits that may discount the cost of services at BMS.


  • What are the ways I can make an appointment with BMS?


Deaf Services at BMS can make appointments with patients by calling 410-558-4739 voice/relay, 443-743-3033 videophone or by emailing at


  • Will my sign language interpreter come into the exam room with me?


This is your decision.  If you choose, your interpreter can join you in the exam room, although at no time is it mandatory.


  • I am a not a BMS doctor and it is hard for me to provide a sign language interpreter for my patient who is deaf. Can you help?


We provide American Sign Language interpretation only for patients of BMS. If your patient is willing to switch to a BMS doctor, you can refer them to BMS. Deaf Services can be reached at 410-558-4739.